What We Do

The key issues that NACTE  address includes, to:

  • Register and accredit both public and private technical education and training institutions capable of delivering courses;
  • Register technical teachers (teaching staff in technical institutions);
  • Ensure that the quality of education required for the NACTE awards is met and maintained throughout the duration of the delivery of the course (monitoring and evaluation);
  • Ensure the relevance of technical education and training to labour market demand;
  • Institute systems of quality control and quality assurance in technical education and training; and
  • Maintain databases on technical education and training, which will serve as a source of information needed by the Government and other stakeholders for strategic development of technical education and training in Tanzania.

From the above functions it is clear that NACTE’s core business is to establish, sustain, regulate and uphold standards in technical institutions education in Tanzania. As a regulator, NACTE has established a framework that sets the quality standards for technical education and training. All developed procedures leading to registration and accreditation of institutions as well as the adoption of a Technical Education Qualifications Framework are intended to sustain and uphold standards in technical education in Tanzania.