Information, Research and Planning


Information, Research and Planning (IRP) Department is one of the four NACTE’s departments with diverse and cross cutting duties and responsibilities as it provides technical support to other departments. Specifically, the department is responsible for all matters pertaining to information, marketing, research, budgeting, qualification assessment and provision of technical support to the secretariat on matters related to Information Technology.


The Department of IRP is divided into four sections namely the Research and Planning section, Management Information System Section, Public Relations and Front Desk section and Qualifications and Assessment section. The Department is headed by a director who is responsible to the Executive Secretary of the Council.

Research and Planning Section

Main functions:

  1. Coordinate the development and implementation of research and Consultancy Policies;
  2. Coordinate labor market information and analysis activities towards development of demand driven curricula;
  3. Evaluate the training programs to see whether they meet the labor market demand;
  4. Maintain and Provide statistical on technical education required for planning purposes;
  5. Coordinate research on absorption of graduates from technical institutions and guide technical institutions to plan, and carry out research;
  6. Coordinate all activities for formulations, implementation and evaluation of policies, plans and programs;
  7. Coordinate budgeting activities of the Council;

Management Information System Section

Main functions:

  1. Establish sound information management systems and documentation;
  2. Supervise the analysis, designs, and give support on computer information system;
  3. Coordinate maintenance of databases and statistics;

Public Relations and Front Desk Office Management Section

Main functions:

  1. Coordinate the safe custody and dissemination of documentation, records and statistical data of technical institutions;
  2. Communicates to local, National and International demands on TET

Qualifications Assessment Section

Main function:

To conduct qualifications assessment for Foreign Institution’s Awards