Institutional Human Resource Quality Assurance

The Department of Institutional Human Resource Quality Assurance is responsible for quality assurance of Human Resources (RM) in Registered and Accredited Technical Institutions.  Its functions include among others; Coordinating, Overseeing, Monitoring and Evaluating the compliance of Technical Institutions with NACTE Human Resources quality standards as regards to institutes’ establishment, staffing, management, administration and governance, human resources capacity building and the implementation of Harmonized Technical Institutional Human Resources Policies.
Duties and responsibilities of IHRQA department

  • Guides Technical Institutions towards Human Resource Management and Capacity Building.
  • Audits the quality and capacity of Human Resource Management and Administration Systems in Technical Institutions
  • Coordinates, Formulates, Reviews, Operationalizes and Evaluate the Human Resource quality assurance policies, regulations and guidelines for Technical Institutions
  • Coordinates the implementation of the Harmonized Scheme of Service for Technical Teachers
  • Maintains Human Resource Statistics of Technical Institutions
  • Registers Technical Teachers

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Overview of the IHRQA department duties
Institutional Governing Board
Institutional Governing Board is an independent policy making and top decision making organ of a technical institution, cable of reflecting public interest in its activities and decisions. It is the highest quality assurance organ of the institution vested with powers to oversee the quality of institution’s work processes, products and services in compliance to its vision and mission and the minimum NACTE academic norms and standard.  That being the case, its members should be people of high social and academic regard capable of being trusted by the government, public, students, parents and other stakeholders.
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Guideline for Institution’s Governing Board